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About Me.

Generalist developer & Unity specialist

I am Gareth Williams a T-shaped developer with broad programming abilities who specialises in Unity3d. I have spent over a decade working in the wider digital media industry, during which time I have worked on games, apps and interactive installations, been a team-lead, mentored juniors, run dev-ops and constantly hacked on hobby projects.

Unity / C#
GFX pipeline
Vector math
JS / ECMAScript
6502 ASM
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I am comfortable writing optimised code for mobile and desktop and have worked for well-known companies on popular titles


I can develop apps from wireframe to release on store-fronts and have worked on projects for major licences


I lead a team on a first-party Vive release and understand the subtleties of design and development for XR


I'm a git-ninja and understand appstore signing and release processes for applications on Steam, Play and iTunes. I have strong back-end programming skills and have integrated many SDK's and API's.

Team Lead

Let me be clear, I like to get things done; however, clean code is essential on a project of scale. I can help a team make appropriate design decisions from Singletons and Managers to IOC and DOP

New Technologies

My broad skill-base means that I can quickly up-skill into areas where there is a skills-shortage, or work ahead to provide boilerplate code for the rest of the team to start from


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